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The Portal Team   Portal Ladder unfolding!
The Portable Ladder™ System is a family of ladders, quickly becoming the ladder of choice... where quick reponse is crucial... where portability means getting the job done quickly, easily, and safely... whether that purpose is a tactical response, a first response, an emergency response, or simply a routine military maneuver.

The Portal Ladder™ has quickly become the military ladder of choice… where quick response is crucial… more
The multi-use, multifunctional QUIKSHIELD™ is a: Blast Shield, Ballistic Blanket, Emergency Stretcher, and a 6 ft. portable tactical, assault ladder all rolled up into one... more

Suited for covert operations such as underwater deployment for quick vessel boarding, sniper placement, or working in extreme confined spaces... more
The Web Ladder™ delivers an unprecedented advancement in lightness, ease of deployment, stealth and most importantly climb ability... more

The new proprietary Swivel Hooks can be placed in three different locked positions for versatility of use. Spring loaded quick pins make adjusting the swivel hooks quick and easy... more

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